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simple use

Design and content (texts, pictures, documents) are administered separated from each other. The working environment is very similar to a simple text processing. The system operates intuitively.

flexible configuration

Almost everything can be configured through the backend of contentnow: site design, content, metatags .... You can also customize the backend view of contentnow. The system can be adapted flexibly to the customer's request!


ContentNow is developed to change the backend and the site language. You can integrate as many as desired languages. Multilingual sites can be developed by duplicating contents of a language site version. And it's just one click!

user management

A simple right administration is implemented: several editors can work on the web content at the same time.

web 2.0

contentNow supports ajax based web 2.0 function. Most features are implemented by the script.aculo.us framework. Have a look!

smarty template

Provide your design with the help of the Smarty Template engine. Freely configurable global templates and local templates extends the flexibility of the system.

manage files and images

Import files, e.g. images, HTML or CSS files, through the file system is just as simply as editing text or HTML. You can make folder, upload, edit and delete files and resize images directly on the server.


You can implement simply and fast new modules, which extends the functionality of the system. Moduls can extend the backend with the following internal fields: input, textarea, checkbox, label, choose a file, choose an id, select, database and extern functions.

key features

  • clear user interface
  • supports web 2.0
  • WYSIWYG texteditor
  • implemented filemanager
  • modul api
  • teaser (out of the box)
  • backend skinabel
  • multi user
  • multi language
  • install tool/update tool
  • content start/endtime

documentation starts

Newly started documentation can be found here.

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